3 Steps To Follow Prior To Launching A Catering Business

If you are the type of person who loves to host a dinner party to family and friends whenever you get the chance and have always had that business idea to start up your own catering business, then the following summary of how to get started will help you build on your ideas to make it a reality.

Find your niche
At the early stage of planning, the first and foremost step to do would be to identify the type of food you are interested in and love to make. Like starting up any business, quality food catering services in Singapore too should be built under an undying interest and passion that comes within you. There are several types you can focus on such as a lunch or the trendy brunch types. These are ideal for light foods like sandwiches, tarts and salads where you mainly cater to day time events and school functions. Wedding and special events are more elaborate and exquisite. There are also meals that serve only appetizers for events such as cocktails which are also very popular.

Creating a menu
Next step would be to create the menu that you desire so that you can find out how much kitchen space is required; what kind of appliances and the number of workers and the overall costs. The menu should contain a variety of dishes that cater to different taste buds. Buffet catering is all about giving every guest a choice of food that they like, so make sure that there is a range for instance; vegetarian and non vegetarian options as well as spicy and non spicy options. However,  they are providing manageable menu  for you to start off with and the ingredients are not too much of a hassle to source.

Test and trying out dishes
This is one step that is easy to forget, once the menu has been tentatively planned, it is also important to test it out as well. Organize a party for your family and friends to get honest feedback and suggestions from. This is a good way to have people experience the entire set up including the food and the service. It would especially be good to have a close look at the guest’s reactions and expressions as these would convey a lot of feedback on their own. It is best to improve and tweak your dishes until you are satisfied that they are in the range of the best. Practice making these dishes and you will eventually find out what different techniques and styles suit the people best.