4 Reasons Why Leasing A Car Is Better Than Buying

Leasing a car rather than purchasing one could be the smartest decision you make. Car sales are escalating at present and it can cost you a fortune to buy a good vehicle. Leasing is growing in popularity now a days and it is a much more convenient way to get a vehicle for private use. If you are a car enthusiast, leasing might not be the option. But, if you are looking to get a vehicle for day to day use, leasing is the right way to go. Here are 4 reasons why leasing a vehicle is better than buying.

Down Payment is LowMost leases require you to pay only a small down payment which is a big advantage. Sometimes, if you are lucky enough you can even get the dealer to waive off the initial payment. In addition, you will also pay less on tax if you obtain a vehicle through a lease. If you a buy a car through a loan system, the down payment is much higher. Because the down payment is low for lessees, they are capable of getting good quality and luxurious vehicles for private use.

Get a New Car Every Few YearsIf you want to drive a particular car for a couple of years, a lease would be the best option since you can get another vehicle when the lease is up. Most people who like to drive a brand new car every few years will opt for a lease. A long term car rental in Singapore is very much similar to a lease. In both instances you will be paying a monthly instalment for a fixed period of time and you can change the vehicle after a few years.

Have Nothing to Worry about RepairsThe best thing about a lease or a rental service is that you can rent Mercedes vehicles or lease any car of your choice for an affordable price and have nothing to worry about maintenance or repair costs. When you buy a luxurious vehicle you will also have to incur high maintenance expenses. When you lease a vehicle, you will be getting factory warranty so that whenever the vehicle has to undergo repairs, it will cover the expenses.

No Resale BurdenSelling a used car to a dealership or a private user is a real hassle. You will have to advertise, respond to inquiries and meet up with several potential buyers. But, if you lease a vehicle, you only have to return the vehicle and get another or renew the lease as you prefer.

Leasing is a cost effective way of getting your hands on a brand new car. It will have a low impact on your budget as well as cash balance. If you have read through the above reasons, you will know why it is better to lease your next car.