5 Funeral Etiquettes To Be Followed.

When someone has lost a loved one, most of us feel at loss for words. We don’t know how to share their loss in words even though we want to say something badly. We either end up in making matters worse or are left stunned at a loss of words.

Dress code
It is important to keep in mind that you are attending a funeral. In other words, you are going to support someone morally for their loss. Dressing appropriately is very important even though no one will judge you, it will create an impression of the message you’re trying to bring. Imagine wearing bright lively colours with many accessories to a funeral? What kind of a message does that send? So make sure to dress simply maybe in white or black that is comfortable and wear less or no make-up if you are a woman.

Helping with the funeral arrangements
If you are planning on helping with the funeral arrangements make sure to ask the immediate family and close friends how you can help if you are not one of them. If you are a close friend or family then discuss with others and check how you can help. Maybe you could order flowers online to fulfill the flower requirements at the funeral. Or you could arrange the chairs or food required for the funeral. Always try to make yourself helpful without being too nosy.

How to greet the people at a funeral?
Greet the immediate family and close friends with a hello and a sympathy flower in Singapore. Don’t keep asking questions of how the person passed away or what happened. It might feel insensitive and they may feel even more saddened. Don’t make unnecessary question at such an early stage. If they want to tell you they will. And if you are one of the close family or friends try to be polite to all and reply to their hellos. But if you don’t feel like facing anyone it actually doesn’t matter because most people will be understanding of your emotional withdrawal.

Get the clue when to leave
Don’t prolong your visit unnecessarily. Make your visit short and sweet. Relatives and friend of the deceased would most probably be at wits end. They would be bottling up the emotions and end being quite rude if you over stay. So take your cue when to leave. The best time would be when most of the other attendees are leaving. And make sure to keep your conversations to a minimal. It’s also best to keep in mind to avoid taking kids if you are not too closely related. Because kids can get out of hand easily and difficult to control. After all you don’t want to add to their worries.

Make sure to adhere to these etiquettes when visiting a funeral. Because a funeral is a very sensitive issue and it best if you could be as sensitive and understanding of the situation as possible!