Attacking Old-Age Signs Up Front

If you too want to drink eternally from the Fountain of Youth, you will need to be proactive and start taking care of yourself from the time you hit your mid – thirties. Thanks to our diet and lifestyle, old age symptoms can now appear as young as in your late 20s. There are any things you can do to combat symptoms of old age and remain as fresh faced as possible. Here are some suggestions:

Sagging SkinAs we get older, skin loses its elasticity and starts to acquire wrinkles and sags wherever it has lost the muscle support. Cheeks, under the eye and around the mouth are areas which are prone to becoming droopy over time. The natural remedy is to drink lots of water and hydrate well because dryness can further damage your skin. Exfoliation every two days also helps. However, if you would like a more permanent fix, there is facial filler treatment which will fill out your cheeks and make you look more youthful. This is also a good way of getting rid of wrinkles and lines, also a result of getting older. While hydrating lotions will remove most of them, surgery can also remove some of them by tightening the skin on your face a.k.a. facelift.

Bald SpotsWhile men suffer this more often, women also have problems with hair fall and balding. This can be combated with tricks like back combing, using hairspray, dyeing it in strategic colours that reflect light etc. You can also use Artas hair transplant methods to harvest donor follicles from other areas of the head and plant them in the balding areas where they take root. If successful and well-maintained you can have a luxuriant growth that will combat old age symptoms and make you look younger than you are. Having shorter styles can also fool the untrained eye. If you are interested about hair loss clinic you can visit this website

Hunching PostureAs bone density decreases over time, our spine curves involuntarily. Thus old people are often hunched over. This makes you look shorter and smaller. There are back guards that will pull your shoulders back forcefully and make you stand up straight that you can wear under your clothes. If you start wearing one of these early on, there is no reason why you should ever start to hunch. Also, taking calcium supplements and knowing how to stave off arthritis and other bone-related diseases can help you maintain good posture. Of course, the best option is to be active and sporty when you are younger so that you have fewer diseases when you get older.