How To End Tension Between Members In Your Team At Work?

As a leader of a group, if problem arises among your subordinates, it is your duty to see it resolved. If you want to end the growing tension among your co-workers, then here are out tips and suggestions for you…

  • Regardless to what your heart says, pay attention to both parties – it is human that you feel one party is in the right, and that one is wrong. However, good leadership expects you to be impartial and fair. You need to listen to both parties¾if possible in the presence of each other. Allow them both to bring their version of the story to the story/issue to the table, and make sure to pay proper attention to both.
  • Be as neutral as possible – do not make the mistake of showing either party that you are on their side. This will only cause the rest of your subordinates to trust your judgment; and it may even affect their work performances in the future.
  • Try to get them to compromise – ideally, you should be able to resolve an issue with both parties happy about how things happen. But sometimes, there just isn’t a proper solution to their problems. And since this is not some simple bonding activities where competition is required or appreciated, try and at least get both (or one) parties to compromise. Be careful handling this though; making sure you are not being unfair to either party…
  • Don’t wait for things to “blow over” – if a fight crops up in the playground, the teacher in charge might choose to ignore it, hoping that letting it blow over might be better than addressing the problem. However, in the business world, this is a bad idea. If you feel there is a tension or issue brewing between your team members, address it immediately. If you don’t know what it is, or no one has brought the problem to your desk yet, try out some team building Singapore activities that will help you figure out the issue. In this case at least, now is better than later.
  • Try to be motivating and positive about the whole thing – it goes without saying that having an issue among those who work with you might put the rest of your crew into an uneasy situation as well. Therefore, it’s vital that you remain helpful, motivating and positive about the whole situation. This will ensure that in future, if someone else in your crew has an issue, they wouldn’t hesitate to come to you, as is expected.
  • Encourage them address any lingering negative feelings – like we mentioned before, not all issues can be dealt with satisfying both parties. However, if someone is unable to let go of the lingering negative feelings, encourage them to address these immediately. This help to prevent it from blowing up into something bigger.