Moving Overseas With Children; Things To Consider

As parents, one of our main concerns and biggest priorities in life is our children. No matter what we do, and what decisions we make in our lives, it’s important that we keep our children in mind when we do so and make these decisions. And this is regardless to if the decision is as minor as buying certain furniture for your home, or something much bigger; like living overseas. If you are considering moving overseas permanently, then apart from those decisions that concern you and your spouse, it’s important that you consider somethings related to your children as well. Here are some of those facts to consider…

• Language difference – having a good command over language is vital, in many ways. When it comes to your child, if they’re old enough to be schooling, having the language issue might prevent from making friends; inevitably making their move to the foreign country harder for them. You can help them by getting a language reliable tutor in Singapore; something you can benefit from too.

• Education standard difference – if your stay overseas is only for a few years, and if you’re planning on moving back home once you’re done, then it’s important that you choose a school that has similar education systems and similar standards to the schools back home. Yes, you could probably hire a private tutor to help you; but that will only add to the pressure of moving back.

• Weather change – you may not feel like something as simple as a weather change can make moving overseas hard; but you’d be surprised. Some children have a very hard time adjusting to vast weather differences; often even falling sick. Make sure you are well prepared for such changes.

• Disconnection from friends and family – a common problem that families who live overseas have, is that their children have no proper bond or connection with their extended family. This includes aunts/uncles and grandparents too. Find out if it’s possible to visit at least every few years. If not, you’ll have to make sure your new home has a good and stable internet connection, and that your “online game” is pretty strong…!

• Their health and everything regarding it – some countries have mandatory vaccinations; and you have to get those vaccinations before you enter the country. It’s vital that you find out if this is so for the country you intend to migrate to. Apart from this, it’s also important that you find a suitable pediatrician or general physician in your new neighborhood before your move…