Orthodontic Operations: Fixing A Smile

Due to various reasons, children grow up with crooked teeth. In many cases this is because they get used to sucking their thumb. The constant motion of the tongue against the gums as milk teeth are still forming causes them to come up crooked; eventually, the permanent ones also come up crooked in place of the milk teeth. In other children, the crookedness is hereditary with parents or other near relatives sharing over bites, buck teeth and other imperfections. Thanks to the miracles of modern dentistry, all of the above can be fixed and the sooner you start the better. Here are some practices that are commonly followed to fix that smile:

Home RemedyWith children whose palate has moved forward slightly, or whose teeth show only slight imperfections, there are practices that can be implemented into their daily dental care routine that will solve the problems without the need for complex orthodontic procedures. One of these is tapping the finger gently but firmly against the offending tooth/teeth every day. It is advisable to make a habit of this during the morning teeth brushing routine as it will help make it part of the routine faster and more naturally. The consistent pressure against the teeth can help change its position and growth so that you need not see a dentist in order to correct it. However, this only happens rarely; in most instances, professional consultation is advised.

Wire WorksThe bane of children everywhere, dentists usually put children’s teeth in tight metal prisons in order to get them to grow perfectly. Most dentists are reluctant to pull out teeth unless absolutely necessary, so they try to use braces instead. These are metal wires and star shaped pressure points that are pasted on the teeth in tight formation so that constant pressure is applied against the entire palate to move in the direction desired by the doctor.

Over time, the gums adapt and do indeed move. This is why orthodontic treatments work best when you are younger. Thanks to best ceramic braces in Singapore and invisalign, children no longer have to look like they eat metal for every meal. They can request braces that are the same colour as their teeth so that it doesn’t show as much.

Out You Go!In some cases, the teeth become distorted because too many of them grow together, all at once or in a cramped space. There is no guarantee that each tooth will grow properly in its allotted space and sucking a thumb or having other similar habits can greatly influence how the teeth form in the mouth. Some dentists decide to pull out the extra teeth which crowd the necessary ones, especially if they are milk teeth destined to fall off. Some children grow teeth on the side of the gums and these can be coaxed down if the tooth below is pulled out and pressure is applied above.