Things That You Need To Welcome Baby Home

If you are getting close to your due date, you need to be picking out things to welcome your little one home. A baby brings the entire family together so you could get help from your family members and friends to get everything ready for the big day. So here are some of the things you need to get, to welcome your baby home.

1. Nursery items
It is never too early to start decorating the nursery. Ask your gynaecologist the sex of the baby, so you could go wild in buying all sorts of baby items in pink or blue. If you like to move away from the standard colours, you could select neutral colours such as yellow, light green, beige etc. You need to have the basics of a nursery which are a crib, a changing station, a rocking chair or any other comfortable chair and a small wardrobe. Make sure the room is bright and airy since it is essential for babies to be in well ventilated rooms with plenty of sunshine.

2. Sleeping arrangement
You need to ensure your little one has a comfortable sleep. You could pick out a cradle, bassinet or crib according to your preference and purpose. For example, if your baby has trouble sleeping and likes the swaying motion, you should probably buy a cradle. If you want to move the baby around the house along with you, a bassinet would be perfect since they are light weight. A crib is a more stable sleeping arrangement that cannot be pushed around. No matter what, your gynae at Mount Elizabeth Novena will advise you to let the baby sleep with you for the first 6 months at least. So consider the size of the crib. Make sure the mattress of the crib fits perfectly with no gaps.

3. Food
Your Mount Elizabeth Novena gynae will advise you to give only breast milk for the first 6 months. However, you can keep a few boxes of soft cereals so that when the baby is allowed to consume such foods, you could give him. Different babies like different brands of baby foods so don’t stack up too much. Try out different brands and see what your baby likes the most. Also buy a breast pump for instances where you might have to go out for a bit and also clear infant bottles.

4. Diapers and clothing
Diapers will become the most needed thing when your baby arrives. You’ll have to run to the store every two days to buy a pack of diapers. Since you cannot do that, stack up a few packs, ready to take on the battle! Buy in bulk to save money. You may also need to buy some wet wipes, baby creams and powder. Also, pick out very light weight and comfortable clothes.