Why You Should Opt For Serviced Offices?

Serviced offices are a concept that is gaining popularity among modern businesses, especially SMEs. They provide businesses with the invaluable premise space at a privileged location with a cost much lower than the conventional office spaces. Such serviced offices other than being fully furnished also offers professional reception, call management, secretarial, IT infrastructures, and boardroom facilities and in most cases beverages.

Read below to decide where you too should be considering a managed flexible office space also known as serviced offices.

Cost EffectiveMost contracts for such offices are short term and don’t incur any initial costs such as furniture or décor. These short term contracts may vary between a period of one month to a year. The lease may however, be renewed if deemed necessary. It is very cost effective to those businesses planning on testing new products to the market but require an office space for their activities. If they find their product doing well, then they could continue otherwise with not much of overhead costs the loss would be a minimal. Repairing costs, costs of furniture, maintenance, office boardrooms, pantries and others are all inclusive with the lease or require only a nominal fee as an additional fee.

Flexibility of Office SpaceA key feature of a serviced office is that you have the flexibility of either increasing or reducing your office space as per your business requirements. You don’t have to pay for boardrooms and IT rooms if you are not using them. You could whenever necessary pay for such additional services. The lease contract being short term also adds to its flexibility. One can leave the office, if business is not going on to well without having to worry about a lease agreement.

Support Services for business activitiesWith the rapid increase in businesses favouring serviced offices, there are many reputable offices such as Suntec Tower 2 of Singapore providing these invaluable service to SMEs, MNCs and other business types. The best part of such offices is that they provide professional support services to the businesses located in them. Some such services are HR management, Accounting consultancy, Auditing, IT and etc. Reception, Telephone management & high speed internet connections are usually included in the cost of the lease. For most businesses this is ideal because they need to maintain a professional image but cannot afford to hire professionals to provide such services.

Efficiency & RiskManaged flexible office spaces are also known to be efficient and less risky in comparison to traditional office spaces. With office spaces limiting to only those that the business needs and if it requires additional space or the boardrooms for meetings they can be hired on pay by use basis. IT equipment’s don’t have to be bought and can also be used on a pay by use service which increases the efficiency and reduces our costs of investment.

All in all, serviced offices come as a dream come true to many businesses hoping to expand or establish but afraid to do so because of the high initial costs. Now, though businesses have this incredible option to choose from!